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Story of our Heritage

“One day all this will be yours…….”

Passionate about the location of their vineyards, the members of the Poinsot family take care of their vines as if they were gardening exotic plants. The story is of a handing down of an innate knowledge from great-grandfather to grandfather to our father and from him to his children. We are a family-run champagne house in the pretty village of Loches-sur-Ource, on the Côte des Bar. We are invigorated on a daily basis by the constant good quality of our wines which we cultivate with care, strictness and passion. Our vineyards are spread around the pretty village of Loches sur Ource in several little valleys such as, Val Bonneau, Crête de Beauregard and Méhuettes.

Every day we experience life in champagne colours!

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