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La vie couleur Champagne


assionate about the location of their vineyards, the members of the Poinsot family take care of their vines as if they were gardening exotic plants. The story is of a handing down of an innate knowledge from great-grandfather to grandfather to our father and from him to his children.

We are a family-run champagne house in the village of Loches-sur-Ource, on the Côte des Bar. We are invigorated on a daily basis by the constant good quality of our wines which we cultivate with care, strictness and passion.

Of all nature’s colours, some are always present in our region. The young, green shoots of the vines, the deep reds of the bunches of grapes through to the brilliant gold of our wines and the sparkling silver of its bubbles.

Come with us into the world of Poinsot Frères’ Champagne House to live a life in champagne colours !

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